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Our Journey with Ribbleton by Sammie

Our journey with Ribbleton has been much more than we EVER expected. It's been an evolving process and one that I would highly recommend to anyone that has a deep love/passion for horses and who is seeking a better understanding and connection from birth. We not only have an absolutely beautiful foal named "Fillie" but we also have amazing support from Paulette, she has been a mentor to us and has guided us through a new path in horses that we didn't even know existed. Imke Spilker says it best! "There is an entryway. Once you go through it, you will never again be able to distance yourself from the concerns of the horses. You will no longer be deaf to their language. You will no longer be unreceptive to their feelings. It is up to you to take this step. We invite you into the world of horses. Come with us to the other side. "

The Journey

Breeding a foal is one of the most rewarding and exciting journeys you can take. Interested in finding out more?

Our Mares

Ribbleton mares are beautiful in body, mind and spirit. All our mares are studbook Hanoverian or Oldenburg warmbloods. Would you like to see our mares?


Without force there is no resistance....

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Horses For Sale

Find out what mares and youngsters we have available.

Photo of the day

Each day via Facebook we have a "Photo of the day". Would you like to see some examples?

Our Family

Our beautiful owners share a little of what the Ribbleton journey is like.
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